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School  Supervisor's   Message                                                                                                                 24 February 2015


I would like to take this opportunity, at the start of the Year of the Goat, to wish every one of you a successful and rewarding year in which you will find yourselves becoming more mature and capable.


I am honoured that I have gained the trust of Mr Ho David and the Incorporated Management Committee (IMC) of the school and have now become the new school supervisor. I will endeavour to do my best for the school, to assist the IMC to formulate policies for the school and our students, and to implement these policies with the concerted effort of the Principal and our teachers, so as to provide quality education for our students and be of benefit to the community.


The meaning of quality education cannot be separated from the aim to develop students’ potential. Everyone is born with a certain innate gift or talent that is unique to themselves. One of the aims in our lives is to uncover and fully develop it, which is the key to living a fruitful life.  A candle must be lit so as to give out light and heat, which is how it is made useful. Similarly, we should make good use of our potential and abilities. It benefits not only ourselves, but also others and it is exactly how we make our lives meaningful.


The school provides educational opportunities, which assist students to exploit their potential. Let me use the following parable to explain this. The innate talent of a student is like a candle. To ignite it requires an ample supply of oxygen. Otherwise, the flame will be extinguished. Here, the formal and informal curriculums of the school, together with the guidance of the teachers, serve as a booster which sparks off the cultivation of students’ talents; and the love and care from teachers and parents are like the oxygen supply for the candle. It is in this way a candle is lit and students are able to exert themselves. The prime responsibilities of the IMC are to formulate appropriate policies for the school and to support students in making the best use of their talents so that they can accomplish the missions in their lives and make contributions to society, benefitting themselves as well as others.


Students themselves certainly have to make every effort to upgrade themselves by working hard and increasing their self-value so that all their potential can be fully developed and exploited.


Our most ancient Chinese classic Yi-jing encourages us to persevere with difficulties and to strive for self-perfection and our school motto is ‘to rest in the highest excellence’; I' d like to once again inspire our students to sow the seeds of their future success and march boldly towards a bright future.


I believe that everyone is endowed with certain intelligence which should be used for accomplishing the missions in their lives. Therefore, we should work hard to achieve them to the best of our abilities.


Mr Chan Yuk Kwong

School Supervisor

Tsuen Wan Public Ho Chuen Yiu Memorial College
Address: No. 1 Estate Secondary School Shek Wai Kok Estate Tsuen Wan
Tel: 24966000
Fax: 24158686
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