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2022-01-13 (Thursday)CHAMPION in the UNESCO SDGs Debating Competition (2021/22) (F.6 EMI Division)
2022-01-05 (Wednesday)Our School Sports Teams participated in Inter-School Sports Competitions (Tsuen Wan and Islands) which were organized by The Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation in November and December 2021, and got numerous awards.
2021-12-17 (Friday)5D 林舟 獲得香港教育城舉辦中文狀元挑戰計劃2020/ 21(第三期及全年獎項)「中文狀元」殊榮
2021-12-15 (Wednesday)6B 嚴芷琳 榮獲第六屆夫子盃演講比賽高中普通話組冠軍
2021-12-15 (Wednesday)本校學生榮獲「燕然盃」慶祝中華人民共和國成立72周年學生徵文比賽多個獎項
2021-11-16 (Tuesday)Awards from Tsuen Wan and Kwai Tsing Outstanding Students Election 2021
2021-11-16 (Tuesday)The Merit Award in the 'National Security Law Video Shooting Competition
2021-11-03 (Wednesday)Awards from SCMP Young Post
2021-10-13 (Wednesday)6B Lin Kevin、6B So Cheuk Hin、6D Yung Wing Chun and 6E Fu Tik Wai won Gold Award (Secondary 4-6 Group) in MiC: Maximise Infinite Creativity - Mini-building Model Competition which was organized by Construction Industry Council
2021-10-13 (Wednesday)Gold Award in Canadian English Writing Competition 2021 Arch Cup live Preliminary Competition
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