Outstanding Performance in different Faculties

HCY Graduate's Academic Success at CUHK2020-10-09
校友林慧儀成為Laidlaw Scholar研究國際法與跨國婚姻2019-12-18
HCY Graduate's Academic Success at HKUST2019-12-18
HCY Graduate’s Academic Success at HKBU2019-12-11
HCY Graduate’s Academic Success at HKUST2019-12-11
HCY Graduate's Academic Success at CUHK2019-08-23
HCY Graduate's Academic Success at CUHK2019-04-12
HCY Graduate’s Academic Success at PolyU2019-01-02
Outstanding Performance in different Faculties2016-03-24
Twin brothers awarded Springboard Scholarship of HKU medical school、HKU Foundation Scholarships for Outstanding Students and the Dean’s scholarship2015-06-29
CUHK Wu Yee Sun College Master's List 2013-14 Pang Kwan Ting2014-12-02
HKUST Dean's List Award Certificate:Wu Ka Yue2014-10-06
HKUST Letter to Principal: Wu Ka Yue2014-10-06
HKUST School of Business & Management Honourable Citations2014-09-19
HCY Awardees of“Grantham Scholars of the Year”Award (2000-2012)2014-09-01
2013-14“Grantham Scholars of the Year”Award2014-06-04
Admission Scholarship of Wu Yee Sun College CUHK2014-05-23
WONG Wai Leong
CUHK CW Chu College Yeung Man Chor Memorial Scholarship 2013-142014-03-27
HKUST Dean of Engineering Scholarship2013-12-30
HKU : Prizes & Scholarships awarded in 2013 (2013.12.27)2013-12-27
Performance of Outstanding Alumni2013-11-30
HKBU Academic Honours 2012-2013 (2013.11.25)2013-11-25
Former student receiving top honor at HKUST : Academic Achievement Medal2013-10-18
HKUST Dean\'s List Award2013-09-24
CUHK Admission Scholarship2013-09-23
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