Outstanding Alumni

Name of Alumni

Title & Acheivement

 Chan Chi Kwan

 Assistant Astronomer, Department of Astronomy & Steward Observatory,
 University of  Arizona

 Chan Ho Yuen

 Athlete, Ten Outstanding Persons 2019

 Norris Lam Man Ngar

 Managing Partner and President, Forbes Private Capital Group Asia and G2 Asia

 Yau Cheuk Hang

 Deputy Secretary for Development (Planning & Lands)3

校友林慧儀成為Laidlaw Scholar研究國際法與跨國婚姻2019-12-18
HCY Graduate's Academic Success at HKUST2019-12-18
HCY Graduate’s Academic Success at HKBU2019-12-11
HCY Graduate’s Academic Success at HKUST2019-12-11
HCY Graduate's Academic Success at CUHK2019-08-23
HCY Graduate's Academic Success at CUHK2019-04-12
HCY Graduate’s Academic Success at PolyU2019-01-02
Outstanding Performance in different Faculties2016-03-24
Twin brothers awarded Springboard Scholarship of HKU medical school、HKU Foundation Scholarships for Outstanding Students and the Dean’s scholarship2015-06-29
CUHK Wu Yee Sun College Master's List 2013-14 Pang Kwan Ting2014-12-02
HKUST Dean's List Award Certificate:Wu Ka Yue2014-10-06
HKUST Letter to Principal: Wu Ka Yue2014-10-06
HKUST School of Business & Management Honourable Citations2014-09-19
HCY Awardees of“Grantham Scholars of the Year”Award (2000-2012)2014-09-01
2013-14“Grantham Scholars of the Year”Award2014-06-04
Admission Scholarship of Wu Yee Sun College CUHK2014-05-23
WONG Wai Leong
CUHK CW Chu College Yeung Man Chor Memorial Scholarship 2013-142014-03-27
HKUST Dean of Engineering Scholarship2013-12-30
HKU : Prizes & Scholarships awarded in 2013 (2013.12.27)2013-12-27
Performance of Outstanding Alumni2013-11-30
HKBU Academic Honours 2012-2013 (2013.11.25)2013-11-25
Former student receiving top honor at HKUST : Academic Achievement Medal2013-10-18
HKUST Dean\'s List Award2013-09-24
CUHK Admission Scholarship2013-09-23
World’s No.4 Badminton Player――Achievements of our alumnus—Mr Chan Ho Yuen (體育界)2012-03-26
丘卓恆校友 (公職人員)2011-03-11
An outstanding alumnus—Dr Po Lai-man2010-08-16
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