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Tsuen Wan Public Ho Chuen Yiu Memorial College

Healthy and Caring School Policy



  1. To develop a healthy, positive and caring school culture
  2. To encourage a healthy lifestyle among our students and staff
  3. To build a healthy and caring environment for the personal development of students


Coordinating Committees:  Life Education Curriculum Committee

                        Student Affairs Committee



  1. Students develop positive and empathetic attitudes in various curriculum or learning activities (e.g. Life Education, Chinese Education, English Education, Art Education)
  2. Students understand the importance of a healthy diet which limits the intake of total fats, sugar and salt, and increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables, in various Health Education activities.
  3. “Fruit Days” are organized to encourage students to have at least one serving of fruit at school so as to help them achieve the target of consuming two servings of fruit a day.
  4. Our school takes part in the ‘One School One Doctor’ scheme.
  5. The Discipline Committee formulates and implements ‘Drug-Free Campus’ policies.
  6. The Discipline Committee promotes reasonable consequential learning.
  7. All students, teaching and non-teaching staff follow ‘no smoking’ requirements.
  8. Monitoring Committee on Trading Operations provides healthy food guidelines for the tuck shop in our school and monitors students’ food choices.
  9. Our school provides free and clean drinking water to all students and staff.
  10. Our school requests the janitors to clean the classrooms using 1:99 bleaching agent or 1:49 bleaching agent during the peak flu periods at school.
  11. Our school encourages students to develop a healthy lifestyle and caring attitudes by:
    1. Requiring junior students to participate in at least one extracurricular activities in school every year.
    2. Providing students with opportunities to organize activities for school clubs, service teams, houses and Students’ Union, etc. 
    3. Providing students with leadership training and social service experiences.
    4. Enriching ‘Other Learning Experiences’ for students and enhancing students’ awareness towards other learning experiences.
    5. Providing students with opportunities to participate in learning in community or cross-border learning.
    6. Encouraging students to make their careers plan early.
    7. Employing a teaching assistant to help the school organize life-planning, extra-curricular activities and cross-border learning, in order to enrich students’ other learning experiences so they can be better prepared for their career and life planning.
    8. Encouraging senior form students to be role models of junior form students.
    9. Encouraging a harmonious campus.

12. The school has an Educational Psychologist and a Teaching Assistant (Special Educational Needs) to take better care of the diverse needs of students.

13. Class teachers are required to learn more about the background of their students at the beginning of the school year so that firstly, they can provide timely support and guidance to the students; and secondly, they can identify students who need follow-ups or those having special educational needs.  Class teachers can collaborate with the Special Educational Needs (SEN) coordinator, members of the Counselling Committee and the Discipline Committee.  Also they can refer the cases to the social workers and the Educational Psychologist for follow-ups if necessary.

14. The Counselling Committee formulates and implements a support system for students to access advice.

15. The Careers Committee encourages and assists students to start their career and life planning early.

16. Various committees organize activities in line with the school major concerns in order to assist the personal growth of students. 


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